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Faro’s Story

Faro opened his first pizza shop in 1978. From this time to 1987 Faro opened seven more pizza shops in the area. In the interim, Faro moved his family back to Sicily and planned to remain in the “The Old Country”. In 1990 Faro sold the Faro’s Pizza franchise with the idea that he and his family would be living in Sicily from now on.

As it happens many times, circumstances changed and the family moved back to Grand Rapids. Faro was again in the restaurant business when he opened Uccello’s Ristorante Pizzeria & Sports Lounge on the East Beltline between the malls in 1996. 

Once Uccello’s Ristorante was up and running, Faro began to evaluate the Faro’s Pizza Restaurant franchise. When it became obvious that the pizza shops were not up to his standards, Faro decided he would reacquire the Faro’s Pizza franchise and correct the problems. In November 2000 Faro reacquired the franchise. 

Uccello’s has grown into 5 successful locations with the building blocks for more, a great fill of Faro’s personal philosophy to, “Always strive to give your customer more than they would normally expect. Provide people the opportunity to enjoy great food and the service to match. You must always strive to be better in everything. And, never compromise on top quality in any area”. 


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